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Former Players, Parents and Coaches

Below are some comments about the Shockers Program. Shockers BB has been helping young men get to the next level for 16 years under the direction of Coach Don Moe SR. Coach Moe is very old fashioned. Hard work, dedication, following through with promises and never never give up. 97% of all Shockers have gone on to play College Ball. The formula works, what is your son willing to do to get to the next level?

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John Olson, Parent

Player Kyle Olson

Don, I personally want to thank you and your staff for Kyle’s experience on the Shockers. I realize that the 18’s did not have the dream season we all hoped they would. This is not a knock on the effort of the staff……I didn’t see staff demeanors change, although we know that you guys were frustrated (who could blame you). I think an 18 year old dosen’t take into account the amount of effort and care you guys make for their welfare. The fact that they are all moving on is a testimony to your persistence and your tenacity not to quit on them. Maybe the results don’t show it, but they learned the game better because of you and your staff.

You always had Kyle’s respect and in turn, I hope you feel he put out all he could for you. Thank you for being a part of his life and teaching him lessons Dad can’t teach ‘em.

John Olson

Kenny Bartz, Sammamish HS
Shocker 2006-2007
I remember my first Shocker experience like it was yesterday, a hitting session up
at the indoor. I walked into those doors a boy in the fall of ’05, I left a man summer of ’07.
Well, almost a man, Don and Zardis could disagree to some extent on that one. I have always
been what most call a “headcase” on the baseball diamond, and up until I put on that Shocker
uniform, not one coach has made an attempt to change that. That is what I will always remember
about Don Moe, he never let me pull my head game stunts while on the diamond. He knew I had
talent, and to let the negative mental side of the game take awy from that talent, he was flat out
uninterested. Over time, I didn’t even need his threats of decreased playing time, because his
message became branded into my brain. That is what coaching is all about, making the
negative go away, and the positive stay. Don Moe and the rest of his coaching staff have that
locked in. I was at a point in my career that I let the idea of calling it quits enter my brain.
I was torn to make the jump to continue playing, or just roll over. Don was the main factor on
why I kept my baseball career going. The man has everything to loose when taking the side of
his own player, yet he will never leave your side. Through thick and thin, Don and the Shockers
had my back, and I thank them greatly for all they have given to me.

“What are you willing to do to get to the next level?”

Kenny Bartz Shocker 06,07

Jim Ayers – Head Baseball Coach Juneau Douglas High School

Shocker Parent 2002-2003

“Shockers baseball has provided high-level summer BB
competitionfor Alaska baseball players for years. Many
players from our high school program have played for the
Shockers and gone on to College baseball organizations
from Junior and Community colleges to D-1 including
Shoreline CC, Santa Ana JC, Stanford University and
University of San Francisco. We will be sending three
of our varsity-starting lineup to the Shockers this summer.
They will come back better ball players and better
prepared to face the world of today.”

Rob Conway (AK) Shocker Player 1996
Mendocino College, Iowa State D-1, Independent

“Being from Alaska, I knew that I should spend a summer preparing
for college ball playing against a high level of competition. Don Moe
and the Shockers baseball program allowed me to be better prepared
for college baseball. Not only did I face better, more physical
competition that would compare to college ball, but also I gained
confidence from the environment the Shockers provided. Playing
with the Shockers the summer before my freshman year, I was able
to step right in to a top-notch college program and compete right away.

My time with the Shockers was invaluable as it was the stepping-stone
to a very illustrious college career, which led to 3 years of professional
baseball. It was a risk leaving my family 2 days after graduating high
school to live and play with strangers, but without taking that risk
I would never have developed the skills I needed to jump into
college baseball.”


Geno Vick (AK) Shocker Player 03-04

US Naval Academy Annapolis D-1

Don, I (Jody Vick, father) talked with Geno and he informed me;
“that the two years he spent with you and the Shocker baseball
team was the only reason that he received a baseball scholarship
to play at the Naval Academy. Geno said that your working with
him gave him the confidence to proceed to the next level of play
by teaching that a hard work ethic is necessary and will prepare
anyone desiring to play baseball at the next level the skills
necessary to compete, and that his fastball was approximately
85 when you started working with him and now it is 90.”

Ryan Strieby

University of Kentucky D-1

Edmonds Community College Shockers Baseball Club 2002-2003
“The Shockers baseball club is one of the best programs
in the state of Washington and in the country as far as I am
concerned. When I was a Shocker we had the best coaching
staff in the state and I’m sure it is no different now. I learned a
countless amount of things while playing with the shockers. I
thought I knew the game of baseball, but the Shockers took it
to another level.

When I first joined the shockers it was unlike anything I had ever
experienced. I learned how to play the game the right way and I
learned how talent alone wouldn’t carry me to the next level but
hard work would. The coaching staff was so hard on me at times
I almost felt like quitting the team, but I realized that they expected
more out of me than I did and that they wanted what was best for me.
I remember coach Keller telling me “when you put that “S” on your
chest I expect you to play like superman”. I remember almost coming
to tears a couple of times my first year when Coach Keller got on me.
He wasn’t one to pat you on the back; he knew that I needed to be
pushed because he knew he could turn me into a good ballplayer.
Coach Moe expected nothing less either. The first time I shook
coach Moe’s hand he said, “What the hell is that”? I said “what”?
Coach Moe replied “When you shake someone’s hand you grip
it firm and you look them right in the eye”. That is just one example
of many life lessons I learned.
Before I came to the Shockers I wasn’t very tough mentally.
I learned how to accept criticism and handle failure. The coaching staff
with the shockers instills toughness into their players.
Sometimes we would have to practice after double headers
(which was brutal), that wasn’t something I enjoyed but it made me
tougher. We would hit for over an hour before games, the 2 hours
we spent before the game were just as important as the game.
Without a doubt we worked harder than any team in the state
for that 2 years and that’s the reason we had 2 state titles.
There were a couple teams that were every bit as talented as us
but we wanted it more than they did. When you put on that
Shockers uniform you should be proud because there are
only the chosen few that get that opportunity. If you don’t
want to work hard and get better and pursue your baseball
dreams then you are playing for the wrong team. I showed
up a couple times late to an 8 a.m practice and the coaches
told me to go home. They expected their players to be there
early and ready to go. I can sit here and tell you that this
team is run like a college program, everything from the
structure of practice and games to the traveling.
The signs for the shockers are more sophisticated then
our college signs and right now and we are ranked #19
in the country. (University of Kentucky 2006) The difference
between the Shockers and an average summer team is the
Shockers players love to get better and the love to compete.
As a shocker you have to earn your days off. If I didn’t have
the honor to play for the Shockers I don’t know if I would be
where I am today. There is a lot of blood, sweat, and tears in
this process but it will all pay off. So when you put on a
Shockers uniform walk with a swagger and know that you
are playing for an elite program. Good Luck this year,”

Ryan Strieby

Detroit Tigers


James Byrne (WA) – Shockers Player 1996-1997
“The shockers baseball program helped me stay focused
on two important goals, playing college baseball and a
college education, and always reminded me of the fact that
if I worked hard enough on the field, my college education
could be paid for. Don’s program helped make this possible.
” Played @ Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

1998-1999 season D3

Played @ Shoreline CC 1999-2000

Grad Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology 2003

T. Ahern (WA) – Shocker 2003 – Texas Tech D-1 “Playing for
the Shocker’s was one of the best baseball decisions I ever
made because no program better prepared me for college
baseball than playing with this team. The quality of the
coaching, the players and the overall organization of the
team made it a great opportunity for me and anyone else
that puts that jersey on. It was one of the best summers
I’ve ever had and an even better life experience.” ______________________________________________________________________________________________ J. Ahern (WA) – Shocker Mom 2003

“ The experience that the Shocker’s offered my son was
very valuable. The expectation that his baseball skills would
be more finely developed was met but, in playing with the
Shockers, there was an opportunity to develop as a person
by having to deal with teammates that weren’t schoolmates
and a chance to play against teams with different backgrounds
through travel.”

______________________________________________________________________________________________ Michael Mirante (WA) – Shocker Dad 2004
“My name is Michael Mirante, I brought my son Arnie Mirante
to Don Moe and the Shockers Baseball Organization because
of their good reputation. I went there when everyone else
shut the door. My son made the Shockers Baseball Team
because Don Moe saw something and gave him an opportunity.
My 18-year-old son never played an inning of high school ball.
After 6 months of working with Don Moe, he made the high
school varsity team, became the #1 pitcher, earned the #1
reliever spot for the 2004 State Champion Shockers and
went on to play college baseball. The greatest experience
that young man has ever had in his life involving athletics.
We are very grateful.” ________________________________________________________________________________________________
Marc Joehnk (WA) – Shocker Player 2001-2002

University South Carolina Aiken D-2
“The Shockers Baseball Club has been a great attribute to my life.
Not only did the Shockers provide me a great team to play
for while I was a Shocker but it also helped me move on in
my baseball career by setting me up with multiple colleges
that I could go play for. After completing my two years playing
for the Shockers I have remained loyal to the organization by
coming back to help the new Shocker players.” _________________________________________________________________________________________________
Josh Baas (CA) – Shocker Player 2002 MVP State

University North Carolina Greensboro D-1
“The Summer I spent with the Shockers helped the development
of my gamemore than any season I have played in before or since,
whether it is in high school or college. The coaching staff was
second to none and their passion for the game was contagious.
The summer I spent with the Shockers Definitely opened doors
for me to have successful collegiate seasons.”


Todd Lincoln (CA)– Shocker Dad 2001-2002
“Let’s see, I’ll start with what (through my eyes) the Shockers
ball club experience was like for Matt. Besides the baseball
part, it was a growing experience for Matt as a young man.
It was the first time in his life he wasn’t able to toss his weight
around and have things go his way, if you know what I mean.
I think he learned more about what life was going to be like on
his own, away from home, even if he didn’t show that to anyone.
I know it opened his eyes (2001). After the 2002 draft came and
went without a call it left Matt bitter and when he reported to camp
that summer I don’t think it had sunk in yet that his baseball ability
was still pretty raw and needed development. The Shockers
would have been a very good program for him at that time but
as you know it was not to be (2002). I know when he was back
here in Windsor it took about a day or two before he realized
where he belonged and the realization that he wasn’t going to
be welcomed back with open arms set him down to earth,
finally! As for the actual baseball, well, I didn’t see much of it
myself but I can only speculate that when he was in the right
frame of mind he was very difficult to face and I am sure he
learned things from you and the other staff (Shocker Coaches)
about pitching that he has carried with him to this point in his life.
All in all I wouldn’t have traded that time he had with the Shockers
for something different.” (Matt had reconstructive surgery on his
knee and has rehabilitated the knee and is ready to go 2006
with Fullerton Flyers, Independent) ______________________________________________________________________________________________

James “Bubba” Day”( WA) – Shocker Player 2003-2004

2004 MVP Connie Mack State
“This program made me the player that I am, the coaches
always expected 120% out of the players every play. Saying
“You never know who’s watching you in the stands”, I have
carried that with me to the next level and had tons of success.

Thank you coaches –


Dave & Ann Smith (OR) – Shocker Parents 2004

“Kris is from a very small school in Oregon. The summer
between his high school Jr. and Sr. year he was visiting relatives
in the Puget Sound area. While there, he attended a Mariner Area
Code team tryout in Everett. A Shockers’ coach noticed him and
he joined the team the next day. While Kris had enjoyed success
in high school ball, his Shocker’s experience allowed him to take
his game to a higher level. He got the opportunity to play baseball
at a high level throughout the western U.S. Being a Shocker
prepared him mentally and physically to compete at the college
level. Kris is currently in his second year as a pitcher for Everett CC
in the very competitive Northern Division of the NWAACC.
He plans on transferring to a four-year school to get his
degree in Criminal Justice and continue his baseball career.
Playing for the Shockers for two summers was a big part
of his athletic, mental, and social development.
We will always appreciate what Don Moe and the Shockers
organization did for Kris.”

Alan Bailey (AK) – Shocker Parent 2002 – 2003

“I wish to express my appreciation to you and the Shockers Baseball
program in providing my son, Kraig Bailey with continued
support in his pursuit to participate in baseball beyond the
summer playing fields. The lessons of dedication, drive, and
commitment to succeed have not only allowed him the opportunity
to continue playing baseball at a college level but have clearly
effected his college academic standing. He made the Deans list
last semester and for an average high school student, this is
a significant achievement. Kraig has expressed a great desire
to continue playing baseball and to do so he knows how important
his academic standing effects this opportunity. Although tough
lessons were learned playing for the Shockers Baseball program,
these life experiences have in part provided him with a solid
foundation about important future choice decisions. Success
is earned – not given in the Shockers program and Kraig got it.

Kraig was selected last year to play for the Anchorage Buc’s
baseball organization, which brings players from all around
United States to play in a wood bat league in Anchorage, Alaska.
The Alaska League is well known for its emulating major
league schedules. Kraig is the only person from Ketchikan,
Alaska to be offered such an opportunity. This league as you
know is heavily scouted by professional teams. Better yet was
the opportunity to play with some of the best players in the nation.
Kraig has been invited back by the General Manager for a second
year with the Buc’s. All I can say is that this couldn’t have
happened without his participation in the Shockers Baseball Program
and your support.


Bruce Scandling, AK Shocker Parent 2002-2003

Evan Scandling Player SF Community College, Lane Community
College, University of Puget Sound D-3 “Playing Shockers
Baseball was an important step in Evan’s life – both on the field
and in helping him learn to be more independent. He has since
played college ball in California, Oregon and Washington and
he runs into former Shockers on fields all over the West. I know
he’s proud to say he played on two state high school championship
teams in Alaska – and on two Connie Mack state championship
teams with the Shockers. Thanks for the opportunity you gave to
him and to all the former and current Shockers.”